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The Pug

December 18th 2014 21:00

"You bring your camera to work for this?" asked one of my cathating colleagues. He was amazed to discover my hobby of photographing cats. "What were you doing with those cats at lunch?"

"I have lunch with them," I answered. "They're my friends. And what were you doing with that human?"

He laughed before telling me he was a doglover. We now bond over animals.

"Can you take a picture of the pug?" asked another colleague. "My friend wants a picture of it."

"Sure, if you tell me where it is," I said.

It turns out the pug is elusive; in fact, it took me two weeks to sight it. And here it is. I hope my colleague likes the photo.


Oh What a Lovely bum!

December 17th 2014 21:05


Car Sniffer

December 16th 2014 21:00

Like all cats, Romeo has to have his daily car sniff just as I like sniffing Grey One. She now trusts me so she lets me hold her in the air for up to thirty seconds before she kicks and miaows, asking to be put down on the ground.


Injection Time

December 15th 2014 21:00

Unhappy Maloos

December 14th 2014 21:05

Curiosity Killed the cat

December 11th 2014 21:00

Some days it's not worth doing clean-ups. A friend recently noticed a pong coming from outside so he decided to find out what it was. Under the house he found a dead black cat. When he went to remove it he found maggots in its eyeballs. Despite his revulsion, he managed to dispose of the cat and the maggots. I didn't have the heart to ask if it was one of his adopted strays. (Like Andrea, my friend's house is a stray cat magnet and my friend is kind enough to take care of them until he can take them to the RSPCA.)

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Take Your Pick

December 10th 2014 21:00

Three of my doctors said I should join their profession. One of them said he thought I would make a good forensic pathologist. “You don’t have to deal with people and you could handle the gore,” he said.

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Here's Rocky

December 9th 2014 21:00

Dirty Min

December 8th 2014 21:01

Channelling the GTC

December 7th 2014 21:00

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