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New Job

September 17th 2014 21:00

When I was between jobs I wasted no time job hunting. Running true to form, I landed a new job after two weeks.

"It looks like you won't be sharing the food bowl with Maloos after all," texted Fred. I laughed. I had survived by freeganing and living off my credit card.

A few weeks after I started my ex-supervisor was made redundant. I also happened to know someone who was looking for someone with his skills to fill the position. An introduction was made, he aced the interview and got the job. He thanked me.

"Butterscotch wants a hundred mice," I said.

"One hundred mice coming up," he replied.

"They must be fresh, big, unsalted, furry and raw."

"I think the pet shop will look at me funny."


I Still Don't Like you

September 16th 2014 21:00
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No wonder Fred and I have an aversion to public transport. Walking onto the platform at the train station after work, I was on the phone to a friend when this woman said "Excuse me, your button's undone."

F*ck off, I thought, you didn't have to say it so loud.

It reminded me of a time when I was in a hurry to catch the train to work when this woman stopped me to tell me there was a hole in my stocking. As if I didn't know and as if I would care. I stomped off. Fred said I was ungrateful when I told him and to this day he will mention this incident whenever my misanthropic rants get too much for him.

"She was only trying to help," he said.

"I don't care. Couldn't she see I was in a hurry? You don't stop someone who's racing for the train just to tell them something trivial."

No wonder Edmund my psychologist friend says I exhibit anti-social traits, not that I care.


One Pawring day

September 15th 2014 21:00

Another day, another wash. My mother wants me to wipe Grey One with a wet towel even though I've already told her cats are self cleansing. And besides, she might be aquaphobic.

"It's to wash away her fleas," she explained.

"Maloos doesn't have fleas," I said. I know this for a fact as I cuddle her every day, brush her every second day and inspect her coat and flea comb for the little buggers and so far I've found nothing apart from dander. I also flea and worm her.


So Cute!

September 14th 2014 21:00

I Don't Like you

September 11th 2014 21:00


September 10th 2014 21:00

Home Hogger

September 9th 2014 21:00

Another new Kitty Friend

September 8th 2014 21:00

Keeping me in Line

September 7th 2014 21:00

“Maloos tried to scratch my face the other night,” I told Fred. “She could have taken my eye out.”

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Eveready cat

September 4th 2014 21:00

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