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Foreign Language Speaker Stereotype

April 15th 2014 21:01

Having heard this from a couple of white Australians I can confirm as a Cantonese speaker - and hence, eavesdropper of Cantonese conversations - this is not necessarily true: When people talk in foreign languages they are talking about the white Australians nearby.

That said, I am guilty of reinforcing to that stereotype. Like my sister, whenever we mumble something in Cantonese it is almost always an insult that is directed to someone nearby who is annoying us.

Now my spelling of Cantonese words - just like my spoken ones - is atrocious by my Cantonese speaking parents' standards so I will just type out my sister and my sayings phonetically.

Harng hoy - Move out of the way

Har yun jung - Deserving hatred

Dil lay lo mo - F*ck your mother

Dil lay lo do - F*ck your father

Dil chut - F*cken dickhead

Harng gum see marn - Walk so bl**dy slow

Harng do seung see - Walk like you want to die

Yo dut jup er - As if there is anything to be gained by doing this

Karina is so used to this she simply smiles whenever I do this. I use the last saying whenever she tells me she is planning on visiting the hicktown we grew up in.


What's it to you?

April 14th 2014 21:00

What's wrong with people these days? First they object to me taking water from the water fountain, then they object to me freeganing and now some moron had a go at me for taking newspapers out of the train station recycling bin. I mean, don't these people have anything better to do?

I should have known he was trouble from the start when I saw him staring inside the bin. He did not find whatever he was looking for so he moved away a minute later. I then had a sticky beak and found all three of the day's metropolitan newspapers: the Daily Telegraph, the SMH and The Australian. What luck as seldom do I find all three of them, let alone two.

I took all three, noticing the man was watching me. When I finally put them in my bag he mumbled something like "Work must be tough." For some reason I didn't tell him to F off like I normally would and I despised myself for letting this opportunity for aggression slide. That said, Edmund would have been pleased. On the other hand, Fred would have said "He's just saying that because you spotted the papers and he didn't." True.

To calm myself down I thought about Grey One and how beautiful and loyal she is unlike a human. I also thought about my new replacement for Brett: a friend I will call Mr Spoken Word who eerily looks like him now that he has changed his hairstyle and clothes. But that's a story for another day.


My new key Ring

April 13th 2014 21:00

Okay, it's mine. After two weeks of umming and ahhing I finally got this instead of the matching pencil sharpener. I know, the squirrel still feels flimsy which is a turn off but it's so cute I can use it as an ornament instead. Just the sight of it fills me with joy.


Dead cat Sleeping

April 10th 2014 21:00

No wonder Hill asked me to keep an eye on the GTC during the festive season. Last December I was walking home one night when I noticed several drunks behind me. I stopped to say hello to my wife who was curled up in a ball sleeping.

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Another Sweet one

April 9th 2014 21:00

I Want it

April 8th 2014 21:00

Parmesan Cheese

April 7th 2014 21:00


April 6th 2014 21:00

One of my neighbours is mad. So am I for that matter.

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Samoyed Pup

April 3rd 2014 21:00


April 2nd 2014 21:00

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